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An artisan knows the value to which his peers would ascribe to something

  • Name: Omar Helal
  • Profession: Software Engineer
  • Date of Birth: May 1981
  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
  • Citizenship: Australian
  • Current Residence: Amman, Jordan
  • Email: omar[at]
  • Stack Overflow: Artisan Dev

About Me

I've been tapping away at a keyboard for over 20 years producing high quality solutions for various business models.

I really enjoy solving problems, coming up with solutions and bringing to fruition the results of healthy collaboration and communication.

I'm no stranger to learning new programming languages or environments and enjoy the challenge.


Drinking coffee with family and good friends.

All things tinkering:

  • Car maintenance
  • Raspberry Pi running motors and reading potentiometers
  • Audio cabling and soldering
  • Audio mixing and sound engineering

Singing classical levantine tunes.