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Other Experience

Lo-Code side projects using Budibase

Some acquaintances required an online travel form to manage guests to their residences. I created and hosted a Budibase application complete with form validation, database, and automation. The Automation included sending emails and Telegram messages to a shared group using a Telegram Bot.

Apple scripts

Wrote some basic apple scripts to add MP3 tags to audio files and trigger uploading files to AWS S3 buckets

Audio Engineering

Have hundreds of hours of experience recording quality voice audio and editing using production grade tools such as Ardour. Worked on the audio book.

Raspberry Pi

Worked with an good old friend that wanted to harness the Sun's energy for free energy for the poorer nations.

I helped him develop and test initial stages of a raspberry pi implementation that would take the current date/time and use it to determine where the sun is (based on various online catalogues/libraries) and move a motorised mirror to follow the Sun and reflect its rays.

The Raspberry Pi read data from a potentiometer and converted it to a "sun location" and then looked up the current sun location based on the current date and time, it would then rotate the motor until the potentiometer's reading matched the current "sun location".

Sadly he passed away and couldn't complete his project.